Market Research

Digital business success is all about the right research work, that’s why it’s the most important building-block of your business, either for a traditional hub or in planning to develop an E-commerce store.  Specifically, in the digital world right research methodology is necessary, because of its potential role in finding the targeted market.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has taken the world by storm and tremendous growth is expected in the coming years. This social media marketing course is most significant in developing the right marketing strategy on social media platforms, enhancing brand awareness, increase brand loyalty, improvement in existing customer services, generating traffic, and sticking with most loyal customers.

Website Creation

A robust website is becoming the core element of every business. Whether you’re an orthodox retailer, or managing and a small E-commerce store, working knowledge website is necessary for everybody now. This is where the need for web development and understanding comes!  The digital media marketing course at CEST in Lahore will give you a detailed understanding of Website development.

Designing Tools


Content Marketing

The content is the King!
Boost your brand authority and credibility through most dynamic words that will keep your readers engage. Content marketing will teach you how to create unique content that will keep readers engage. The growth-focused content for a website and other online properties are not easier to manage.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO! Top among the most demanding skills in 2020. Successful SEO of your business website ranks it at the top in search engine results. A top-ranked website in SERPs to gets the most natural and organic traffic. So, stay ahead of your competitors.

Ecommerce Marketing

Up-sell your products with most accommodative e-commerce marketing tactics. The E commerce marketing platforms such as a Website, Blogs, landing page, can successfully promote and advertise your brands. The course is developed to give an understanding of the marketing techniques that can be utilized to boost sales.